Clinical/Site FAQs

  • Can we enrol patients in other studies alongside FUTURE-GB?
    • Yes. The intervention for FUTURE-GB is in the peri-operative period, and providing the potential study does not interfere with this, it is fine to co-enrol.

We would caution researchers to look at the outcome measures for potential co-enrolment, as some studies have a many Quality of Life Questionnaires which may create extra burden on a participant.


  • What is the age-range for participation in FUTURE-GB?
    • 18 – 70 years inclusive. So if a participant is in their 70th year, they can enrol right up to the day of their 71st birthday.
  • What are the time windows for the follow ups in REDCap?
    • Participants are followed up after surgery as follows:
      Follow up time point Start of window from randomisation End of window from randomisation
      6 weeks    
      3 months    
      6 months    
      9 months    
      12 months    
      15 months    
      18 months    
      21 months    
      24 months    



  • How do I add a query/note to a data point in REDCap?
    • Next to the data entry box there is a small speech bubble, click on this to type a comment or reason for non-completion of that data point if needed.

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